Build Innovation Skills

Digitalization opens up the opportunity for real innovation – enabling your business to move at light speed, and reduce risk. An extreme customer-focus, rapid test-driven development, and a data-driven mindset are all incredibly useful capabilities to bring in-house.

Build innovation capabilities for a leading manufacturer in mechanical and plant engineering

Development and go-live of 7+ minimal viable products (MVPs)

Successful setup and upskilling of an internal digital unit

Go-live of apps with first pilot customers

The Solution

Stärkung der Innovationskraft

The client engaged etventure to set up their own digital unit, with focus on the development of new digital products – using etventure’s user-centric methodology. A digital platform and app were launched, as etventure trained the digital unit to be self-sufficient:

  • The app enabled the bundling of digital applications & services in the metal industry.
  • The app visualizes any alerts received from plant systems in a clearly structured overview – and helps staff to quickly determine the cause of the fault, and rectify it by providing alert-specific information and documentation.
  • A Data Lab was formed to lead future machine learning projects  – and achieved an early win, improving the ability to predict/prevent surface cracks.



User Exploration & Ideation
Exploratory interviews were conducted to identify target groups and their needs and pain points.

Pain Points & Ideas

Pain Point Analyse
Identifying the customer’s pain points. Empathy phase, initial ideation and the development of several prototypes.

Prototype Tests

Prototype Testing & Validation
Prototyping of the relevant product ideas and positive user validation.


MVP Market Launch & Roll Out
Launch of the digital platform and the app. Ongoing user-oriented development & enhancements. The new digital unit in became self-sufficcient in June 2017.


Mechanical & plant engineering


International company in the area of mechanical and plant engineering, specializing in the processing of steel and non-ferrous metals, with approx. 14,000 employees at over 80 locations. In 2015, the group generated sales of more than 3.3 billion.

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