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The challenge

The economy’s future is characterized by new technologies and business models, rapidly changing consumer behaviour and a new working environment. At the same time, the logic of value creation is fundamentally changing – away from linear value chains to value networks with an ecosystem of market participants. This radically changes markets and customer access.

Our services

We support you in achieving your business goals in a connected ecosystem - holistically and sustainably

The holistic combination of our four areas of competence guarantees you the right strategic focus, speed and execution power, as well as inspired and competent teams and a competitive anchoring in the ecosystem.

Together, we make you grow successfully today and in the future.


Strategic guidance for perfect alignment with your company goals


Customer- and data-centric execution of new business models and transformation projects


Shaping an organization of the future


Competitive anchoring in the ecosystem

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Your success

With etventure as your entrepreneurial partner for digital transformation, your company wins at all levels – you can count on the following results:

  • Achieved goals – measured by KPIs such as new customers and revenues
  • Customer- and data-centric products & business models
  • A well-developed, competent team and an inspired core organisation
  • Value networks and synergies in the industrial and start-up ecosystem
  • Strategically aligned roadmap and execution plan

Our approach - your key to quality and success!

Defining a clear objective, validating selected initiatives and executing them in an entrepreneurial way together with you, we help you achieve your business goals.

Phase 1

Strategic alignment

Elaboration of the strategic fundamentals

Phase 2


Start of execution & validation of the project

Phase 3

Entrepreneurial execution

Full rollout & market approach, team & organization building and continuous assurance of target achievement

That's why etventure is the right partner for you

  • Our well-trained team of more than 250 entrepreneurs and digital experts has 9 years of experience in the digital industry.
  • With innovative, proven methods from Silicon Valley and our entrepreneurial mindset, we have already led large corporations and medium-sized companies to digital sales in the billions.
  • With EY, we have an industry specialist at our side – together we can address your individual challenges and make you the digital pioneer in your industry.

We would be happy to discuss the challenges and success factors of your company with you.

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