Development of a mobile recruiting solution for the commercial labor market

Find a suitable candidate in no time via mobile recruiting


More than 10,000 qualified applicants placed

Strong and growing customer base

Six-digit monthly turnover

Product & Solution

mobileJob - Interface

Founded by a single etventure team member, now with more than 30 team members, mobileJob has revolutionised the classic job application system by providing a mobile overview of the entire application process.

  • Mobile recruiting that does not stop after job hunting, but starts with the advertisement of the vacancy and ends with the evaluation of the candidates by the employer.
  • The solution addresses the pain points of applicants with simple system covering their entire journey

mobileJob explained in 90 seconds



User exploration & ideation
Qualitative surveys to identify user requirements showed that an unsuitable target group was being addressed. Basis for further, iterative testing.

Pain Points

Pain point analysis
Identifying the employer’s pain points (not enough suitable applications, lack of relevant information, high manual administration effort) and the applicant’s pain points (job advertisements offer insufficient transparency, difficult to get in contact with employers, lack of time and ability to prepare good application documents).

Prototype Test

Prototype test & validation
4-week live test (manual mobile phone application by the team with personal contact – each text-message was personally written), with the following results: Willingness to pay on the part of the employer, very high customer satisfaction, very good final rate of incoming applications and high number of successful applications.


MVP market launch & roll-out
Implementation as MVP was decided for the automation of the text-message application process.
Features were reduced to the absolute minimum. Start of German-wide sales started at the same time. Permanent optimisation of the core product, followed by the international roll-out.


Cross-sector use in the area of recruiting

Our start-up

mobileJobs emerged from the etventure family and developed into a promising startup in the HR market – with the support of renowned investors.

mobileJob transfers the entire recruiting process to mobile devices

mobiljob Testing
mobiljob Ausschreibungs Varianten
mobiljob bewerben via Handy/Smartphone

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