RepairFix (Motum)

The old paint has to come off: motum by Repairfix and the mobility of the future

Automotive industry

Summary of the project: In the context of a 360° ecosystem analysis and strategy development, etventure identified new business models for a global paint manufacturer and at the same time pushed the necessary internal transformation. The first goal: A higher capacity utilization of the workshops in the network of the chemical company and thus a strong customer loyalty and ultimately an increase in sales of paint sales to them. To achieve this, an app was first developed for simple and efficient handling of paint damage between workshops and drivers (B2C) – and thus the digitalization of an existing analog customer relationship. The result is motum by RepairFix, a cloud-based and AI-supported platform in the B2B sector, which uses digital products to network all major parties (drivers, fleet managers and repair shops / service providers) in the automotive aftersales market. The paint manufacturer also has a digital business model outside its core business area, not only to reduce its dependence on transactional sales of chemicals, but also to generate revenue through additional digital services and to prepare for the future with an independent platform business model in the B2B area.

The old paint must be removed: “The pain” for the customer

Our customer, a German DAX-listed company and one of the world’s largest paint producers, was faced with various challenges at the start of the joint project: there is fierce competition in the market, with companies undercutting each other more and more. In addition, there was the question of how to deal properly with mobility trends that continuously influence the automotive industry? What role will suppliers play in this increasingly changing market in the future and what role will the often-mentioned ecosystem play in this?

Impact in figures

Over 9,000 cars are serviced in the fleets that use motum

Over 300 workshops work together with RepairFix

Over 4,500 service orders with a turnover of 1.5 Mio Euro Euro have already been processed

Moritz Weltgen

CEO and Co-founder of RepairFix

Our vision is to be the central contact in the automotive aftermarket. etventure has laid the foundation for this: With their distinctive market and expert knowledge we were supported from the idea generation to the market approach to the scaling up.


VP Digital & New Business Development Paint Manufacturer

In order to remain innovative, one must ask for the view from the outside from time to time - that is the reason why we looked for the support of etventure here. We have consciously decided for etventure and that was also the right decision. A model [motum], which we would certainly not have chosen otherwise, if we had not experienced this different methodology and working method.

Economic value for the customer & users

Ökonomischer Mehrwert für den Kunden & die Nutzer
  • Speed & transparent processes
    The recording and reporting of the vehicle condition is carried out conveniently and easily via a web app – in the case of damage reports, a cost estimate is provided within 24 hours as a basis for decision-making. motum also handles all other processes, such as invoicing and digital communication between fleet managers and garages. The structured information enables users to plan better and thus increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Focus on core topics
    The administrative effort for service centers and fleet managers is reduced to a minimum, allowing them to focus on their core business.
  • “One Stop Shop Concept”
    motum by motum offers a comprehensive range of services and serves as a digital platform for the automotive industry, on which today all major parties in the automotive aftersales market are networked, thus simplifying the processes around claims and service requirements also for fleet operators and new mobility providers. With the web app, the international paint manufacturer has initially created a direct touch point to the end customer. With the further development of motum, the company is now actively driving change in the automotive industry in the B2B sector. The company is thus proactively counteracting competition and at the same time enabling upselling by offering additional value-adding services.
  • Reinforcement of the innovative strength in the core organization
    employees of motum were trained as “pioneers of digitization” and enabled to independently drive digitization forward. With the development of the digital platform, the logic of value creation has changed from a classic linear to a networked one. With motum, the internationally active paint manufacturer is adapting to the future trends in mobility.

Our approach: How was RepairFix created?

Phase 1

Ecosystem analysis

  • We put ourselves in the role of the various stakeholders in order to understand their problems and needs.
  • The mobility of the future is changing rapidly, new innovative providers are entering the market.
  • Fleets as an example area in the ecosystem: Due to the high administrative effort, fleets can focus less on their core issues.
  • Goal / Vision: the paint manufacturer wants to move away from being a mere supplier to a player who helps shape tomorrow’s mobility.
  • The “after-sales” area of the paint manufacturer shows great potential.
  • Initial solution options validated and strategies developed, one of which is the new “motum” business model

Phase 2

Validation phase

  • The web app, which was created as part of the new “motum” solution option, was tested directly with potential users in order to obtain the most accurate market perspective possible.
  • In the beginning, communication took place via an instant messenger: from damage reports to appointment bookings to repair quotations – the first solution option was very simple and rudimentary.
  • motum is continued as Minimum Viable Product

Phase 3

Scaling phase: motum is launched on the market

  • With the help of etventure a successful basis for an independent scaling of motum was created.
  • RepairFix was founded as a start-up and has strategically positioned itself as a central customer interface in the automotive after-sales market.
  • In the future it will be expanded to a complete pan-European platform model business with new partners such as insurance companies.
  • Full-service offer for the B2B sector as a complete SaaS solution
  • Continuous market penetration

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