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About etventure

With our experienced team of digital experts and entrepreneurs, we shape the digital transformation in business and society. We have the strategic talent to do the right things at the right time. We have the execution power to put innovations on the road. And we have the passion to accompany companies and organizations through change and to empower them. We are part of a unique ecosystem of start-ups, corporations and public partners –  executing the digital transformation in a holistic and sustainable way.

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Facts & figures

etventure was established in 2010 by Philipp Depiereux, Philipp Herrmann and Christian Lüdtke. etventure maintains branch offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich and many more cities.

etventure Gründer


Produkttest für Unternehmen


Unternehmer und Digitalexperten


Digitalisierungsprojekte (60% B2B)


Startups aufgebaut & unterstützt


Digitaleinheiten aufgebaut


Jahre Erfahrung in der Digitalberatung

Our Core Values

Core Values - etventure

The foundation of etventure is our core values. These values and attitudes are lived by the entire team – both internally and externally.  They are the basis for our daily work and motivation to create value for the economy and society.

With EY & etventure on your side, you not only get consultants, but a respectful execution team with courageous thought leaders, ambitious founders, creative minds, who develop energetic ideas and implement them methodically and hands on together with your people. We enable your organization & employees to make sustainable innovations.

Hands on - Machen, nicht labern

Hands on

Just do it.

Kreativ - Mit vorbehaltloser Kreativität reißen wir jeden mit


With unconditional creativity we inspire everyone.

Methodisch - Wird sind methodisch, besonnen und gründlich


We are methodical, considerate and thorough.

Respektvoll - Wir respektieren Menschen, nicht ihren Status


We courageously embrace responsibility on the way to achieve our goal.

Respektvoll - Wir respektieren Menschen, nicht ihren Status


With positive energy we collectively overcome any resistance.

Ambitioniert - Wir verfolgen höchste Ambitionen und sind dabei intensive Lerner & Enabler


We pursue the highest ambitions and are intensive learners & enablers while doing so.

Respektvoll - Wir respektieren Menschen, nicht ihren Status


We respect people, not status.

etventure & EY

EY - Ernst & Young

Strong together for your digital transformation

Since October 2017, etventure is part of auditing and consulting company EY (Ernst & Young) and is still managed by the founders. Learn more



We offer a complete package – from strategy and ideation through design, development and marketing – followed by launch and global rollout.

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Are you open-minded, motivated and interested in dedicating yourself to exciting tasks? Then become part of the etventure crew! We are looking forward to your application!

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Our ecosystem

Thanks to our many years of experience in the area of digital transformation – in the start-up scene, the world of corporations and in the public sector – we have a unique ecosystem at our fingertips.

etventure Ecosystem 11/2018

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