Driving company-wide digital transformation

Digitalization of the steel market through implementation of an exchange platform and an online shop, as well as various digital services

Klöckner & Co SE

Established an internal innovation unit to drive digital business at Klöckner

Under etventure's guidance, led an international digital platform roll-out

Klöckner's new digital unit secured more than 1 billion in annual digital revenues by November 2017

Product & Solution

Klöckner & Co

Together with steel trader Klöckner, etventure developed over ten innovation projects – with the aim of a comprehensive digitalization throughout the entire supply chain. etventure also set up “kloeckner.i” – Klöckner’s highly successful new digital unit.

  • Development and implementation of company-wide digital solutions with the goal of achieving 50% of all sales via online transactions by 2019.
  • Sustainable deployment of solutions developed by the innovation unit into the core enterprise – with continuous generation of revenues.
  • Vision: leveraging kloeckner.i, the steel trader wants to make the interactions with suppliers and customers easier and more efficient.

Gisbert Rühl spoke with "Handelsblatt" about digitalization



User exploration & ideation
Qualitative customer surveys to identify requirements.

Pain points

Pain point analysis
Generation of 30 ideas for various online tools as basis for tests. Quick validation of ideas using simple scribbles.

Prototype Test

Prototype testing & validation
Prototyping of the relevant product ideas, for example preparation of an initial clickable mockup to identify the ideal feature set.


MVP market launch & roll-out
Development of over 10 innovation products – for example, the launch of the contract management platform after only three months. Handover of the product to Klöckner and start of the roll-out phase in Germany, to be followed by an international roll-out.


Steel & metal trade


Klöckner & Co SEKlöckner & Co SE is one of the world’s largest producer-independent steel and metal distributors, and one of the leading steel service centre corporations.
At over 170 sites in twelve countries, the group supports nearly 130,000 customers. In 2016, sales of approximately 5.7 billion euros were generated.

Klöckner & Co has made it its goal to generate 50% of all its revenue via online transactions until 2019.

etventure built an internal digital unit at Klöckner & Co – and supported the steel giant with the execution of several digital projects.


Management sponsors

Gisbert Rühl, Vorstandsvorsitzender Klöckner & Co.

Gisbert Rühl
Chairman of the management board, Klöckner & Co.

Video message from Gisbert Rühl
Dr. Christian Lüdtke

Dr. Christian Lüdtke
CEO & founder etventure

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