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POSpulse (24Insights GmbH)

Founded in 2014 by etventure, start-up POSpulse (24Insights GmbH) is today a successful international Shopper-Insights-Intelligence company with customers including Procter & Gamble Prestige, Metro, Dr. Oetker, STORCK and Vodafone.
The business model: With real, mobile shoppers and its own “ShopScout” app, POSpulse evaluates findings and insights at the point of sale almost in real time and thus helps leading industries in Europe to achieve the best possible sales and marketing success in stationary retailing.

Impact in figures

More than 150 satisfied customers - 80% of them long-term cooperations

Million investments by HTGF, Intermedia and Mobile Ventures, among others

Recruiting of 155,000 mobile shoppers and expansion to Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic

POSpulse shows the reality of the POS from the perspective of shoppers!

Dashboard POSpulse
Team von POSpulse
ShopScout von POSpulse

We are delighted that renowned investors have confirmed our course. The financing represents an important basis for our continued sustainable business development. Already today we are faster, more flexible and more transparent than established market research companies

Dominic Blank, Founder & Managing Director POSpulse

Our startup

POSpulse (24Insights GmbH) is a point-of-sale analytics firm that helps retailers and manufacturers achieve greater transparency and success at the POS. The start-up was founded under the umbrella of etventure and, with the support of investors such as High-Tech-Gründerfonds (HTGF), Intermedia and Mobile Ventures, has established itself as a successful company with clients such as Procter & Gamble Prestige, Dr. Oetker, MARS, STORCK and Vodafone.

Innovation through POSpulse

  • POSpulse provides understandable insights from a shopper’s perspective from the POS, which are evaluated almost in real time and translated into concrete recommendations for action by industry experts.
  • With POSpulse, manufacturers and retailers have an innovative shopper insights intelligence tool with which they can market their own products in the best possible way and increase success at the POS in the long term.

POSpulse explained in 90 seconds

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