Open Up New Markets

Digitalization opens up previously unimaginable growth potential for your business. New digital business models and product innovations allow you to reach untapped customer groups, and also move into completely new markets - outside your core sector.

Finding new markets for a leading chemicals company

Identification and prioritization of target groups - and further specialization of the product range

Profound understanding of marketing levers (transparency, storyline, requirements)

New product versions tested successfully prior to their actual development

The Solution

Erschließung neuer Märkte

Different target groups and products were tested in cooperation with etventure – directly in the market.

  • Based on the data obtained in live tests, poorly performing product ideas could be eliminated, without ever having to be developed at all.
  • Detailed information on the “pains” and “needs” of the target group were identified – and one product idea emerged as the obvious winner.
  • Now product development can focus on a validated idea – and integrate the feedback from the target group from the outset.



User Exploration & Ideation
Exploratory interviews were conducted to identify & prioritize the relevant target groups as well as their needs and pain points. Two specific interview partners were identified as the ideal “fit”.

Pain Points & Ideen

Pain Point Analysis
Ideas for prototypes were developed – based on the key pain points, the selected target groups, and a profound understanding of the marketing levers.

Prototype Tests

Prototype Testing & Validation
Different target groups, products and online sales channels were tested directly in the market, and the optimum mix was positively validated.


MVP Market Launch & Roll Out
Based on the collected data, we designed a business case for launch – including a marketing plan.


Chemicals & high-performance materials


Globally leading company in the area of special chemicals and high-performance materials with more than 35,000 employees. In 2016, sales to the sum of 12.7 billion euros were generated – 81 % outside of Germany.

Further opportunities of digitization

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