Reduce Costs

Digitalization increases budget transparency and uncovers potential cost-cutting opportunities. Modern information technology and intelligent software solutions enable seamless monitoring of processes - and associated overheads.

Cost reduction for a catalog business specializing in equipment for plants, warehouses and offices

Launch of an app with 15 paying pilot customers

Process and cost structure optimization for a B2B customer

Increase in efficiency in warehousing operations using a digital all-in-one solution

Product & Solution

Verbesserung der Kostenstruktur

A digital all-in-one solution was developed by etventure, and the client’s newly established digital unit:

  • Customers can create products requiring testing, set deadlines and appointments, coordinate service providers, and upload documents. The cloud-based solution is accessible for all end-users.
  • This makes the daily work of warehouse staff much easier.
  • Innovative digital management enables savings in the warehousing process – and better staff time management.




User Exploration & Ideation
Exploratory interviews on the subject of warehousing were conducted with medium-sized customers to identify target groups, their needs and pain points.

Pain Points & Ideas

Pain Point Analysis
Based on the relevant pain points, the first ideas for the prototypes (MVPs) were developed.

Prototype Tests

Prototype Testing & Validation
Validation of ideas with detailed mock-ups and live tests of the prototypes.


MVP Market Launch & Roll Out
Development of a business proposal to facilitate the decision-making process. First MVP with 15 paying pilot customers.




A leading catalog business for office equipment – with 1,000 employees and more than 50,000 products, as well as a range of services.

Further opportunities of digitization

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