Clemens Teubel

August 07, 2015

etventure featured in Berlin Valley News: reinventing the steel market +++ EuropeanPioneers presenting +++ POSpulse wins over retail expert

In the latest issue of Berlin Valley News, etventure was featured in 3 separate articles.  “Revolutionizing the steel market” summarizes the collaboration between etventure and steel-giant Klöckner, an event retrospection highlights the last EuropeanPioneers DemoDay and the recent inductee Mirko Ahrens, Custom Development Officer...

July 31, 2015

POSpulse revolutionizes market research

Crowdsourcing at its best: POSpulse, founded under the umbrella of etventure, allows retail and distribution companies to gather data and images directly from their Point-of-Sales (POS), even if it is a supermarket, mall or gastronomy.  During the last 6 months, POSpulse was able to...

July 15, 2015

“Medium-sized companies and startups can learn a lot from each other” – etventure featured in Handelsblatt

This week (07/13/2015), reknown German business newspaper Handelsblatt reported under the headline “The Nerd in my company” on innovative strategies and cooperations between startups and medium-sized companies.” Both sides benefit from these cooperations. Startups bring in new perspectives, energy and the methodology to react...