POSpulse revolutionizes market research

31. July 2015

Crowdsourcing at its best: POSpulse, founded under the umbrella of etventure, allows retail and distribution companies to gather data and images directly from their Point-of-Sales (POS), even if it is a supermarket, mall or gastronomy.  During the last 6 months, POSpulse was able to more than double the number of the consumer called ‘ShopScouts’, which provide data and images from the POS to about 30.000. Assignments such as “Snap a picture of those Condoms for cash” are not unusual, as german newspaper BILD reported. Furthermore, POSpulse offers commercial and industrial enterprises insights and optimization proposals to complex matters, answering essential retail questions such as “What are the reasons to buy?”, “Why does the customer buy exactly that product?” and “Why does he prefer that specific branch?”

So far, classic market research only offered outcomes and analysis after months, based on the observation and questioning of the target audience, thus external sources. However the ideal source of shopper research is the customer himself. As consumers all around the world are always close to POS, they are the biggest and most widespread external workforce available.

As a specialized crowd-sourcing and analytics platform POSpulse offers real-time data to promotions, product placement and shopper insights such as reasons to buy – revolutionizing traditional market research.

Customer’s smartphones, which allow GPS-data, date stamps and images together with quantitative and qualitative surveys can turn a regular customer into a market researcher, who collects, comments and documents data using his smartphone.

Commercial and industrial enterprises receive an intuitive and graphic analysis report including optimization proposals. Participating ShopScouts also benefit from their work, receiving money for every completed ‘assignment’.

Current POSpulse customers include Procter&Gamble, Daimler, Dr. Oetker, Hilcona and Coca-Cola.

Besides the BILD many other newspapers including ‘Handelsblatt’, ‘Süddeutsche Zeitung’, ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ or ‘Brand eins’ have reported on POSpulse.

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