Review: Meetup in January & MegaTalk in February

05. March 2019

January & February saw two events around the themes of Energy and IoT in the Automotive Sector

The “Future of Energy” in January was 2019’s first edition of our meetup series the “Future of Industries”. It takes a deep dive into a selected industry and engages with various stakeholders within the Berlin ecosystem around current questions with a focus on the role of Digital Transformation. The Future of Energy examined the role of digital transformation in energy transition. The meetup was powered by etventure’s Sustainability Guild, in partnership with DENEFF eV and It also brought together startups like Fresh Energy and Envio Systems that pitched their ideas on different solutions covering energy efficiency and energy supply questions. In a panel discussion the guests talked about challenges faced by corporates and the different approaches to energy transition. One key takeway: there is a need to adopt a holistic approach when it comes to energy transition and the future of energy- including large energy suppliers, policy makers, and the consumers.

In February, we had our MegaTalk “IoT and Automotive”. The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, shifting from owned to shared and from human-driven to a more complex and self-driving industry. The Internet of Things plays an essential role in this process and will continue to shape the future of the automotive industry. But how will IoT impact the already complex automotive ecosystem? What are new services in the industry? How can data ownership be distributed with new and existing stakeholders involved? How will relationships to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) evolve in the future? These questions were tackled in impulse sessions by Oliver Thamm (XapiX), Peter Fuss (EY expert) and Jakob Muus (Tracks GmbH). The audience of about 100 guests received interesting insights and brought an inspiring discussion to the running. It became clear: the automotive industry has almost as much potential as the NASA in the 60ties. Everything is changing, the entertainment industry for instance will play a very important role in the future.


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Regina Dank weiß sehr genau, wie sie unseren etventure-Spirit nicht nur unseren Kunden, sondern auch Kollegen auf kreative Art und Weise näher bringt. Als Marketing Managerin kümmert sie sich mit viel Herz um die Themen Innovation und Branding – gleichzeitig ist der wavespace in Berlin Kreuzberg ihr Steckenpferd. Sollte man ihr ein Motto zuschreiben, wäre es wohl: co-creating the future.

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