The new task: Highlights #11 – etventure creates an ecosystem for the work of the future

06. December 2016

The most important topics: etventure creates an ecosystem for the work of the future +++ Corporate innovation business expands internationally +++ New uniform brand image for all of etventure’s business areas +++ Marketing campaign moves to the next round +++ etventure grows with new corporate clients +++ Event highlights: SZ Economic Summit, C-Suite and much more +++ everlean: a new startup in the etventure portfolio +++ Current news of successful existing startups

Ecosystem for the work of the future

It is a new way of thinking that has taken off in German companies, because digitization demands fast decision-making and ongoing innovation – testing instead of perfecting. Many companies are just at the start of this process, but it is the very heart of etventure’s DNA. Our aim is to create an innovative ecosystem for the work of the future combined with an open and agile corporate culture. Despite continuing to grow, we want to retain our startup spirit, develop and foster our staff, and further strengthen our sense of community.

Uniform etventure brand image

On the one hand there is the culture, on the other the brand essence: etventure has grown through many newly founded companies, business areas and joint ventures. To make our shared identity clearer, exploit synergies, and pool our strengths, we have created a uniform brand image – and are now using it to depict the entire value chain of innovation initiatives.

New corporate clients and internationalization

The many new corporate clients we have acquired, such as LafargeHolcim, Siegwerk and Covestro, show that etventure’s growth is continuing unabated. At the same time, etventure is pursuing its course of internationalization with a new office in Asia and expansion of its operations in the USA and Switzerland. etventure has therefore developed and set up almost 100 digital entrepreneurs within the last few years, as well as hugely strengthening its leadership and management positions.

etventure in the media

Now the main German media have also become aware of etventure’s success, particularly as far as methodologies and execution are concerned. Among others, DER SPIEGEL monitored a client project at SMS group over a period of six months. Read the entire SPIEGEL  article on “Schmerzpunkte überall” (in German).

There are also many other cases and stories from the four etventure business areas of Corporate Innovation, Startup Hub, People & Education, and Innovation Spaces.

Enjoy reading the new edition of Highlights “etventure schafft Ökosystem für das Arbeiten der Zukunft” (in German)!

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