Digitize Your Business

Rapid Digital Transformation

We help companies to successfully manage digital transformation – and go beyond strategy, ensuring your project execution is quick, targeted and effective:

  • Rapid launch of digital products & services
  • Build effective digital business units
  • Recruit and train high-performing digital teams

Throughout our engagements, we retain a sharp focus on the user – ensuring your digital business fulfills real customer requirements, driving engagement and growth.

What We Offer

New Digital Markets

Expand Your Markets

We leverage your strengths, and help you develop new digital business models and expand into new markets. Our user-centric approach involves quick prototyping and testing of solutions – that are sure to delight your customers.

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Aufbau von Digital-Units zur Digitalisierung des Kerngeschäfts

Build Your Digital Culture

We help you build an effective Digital Culture for your business. We empower your existing staff with digital training, and assist with recruitment of digital leaders. The net result – an agile, innovative team that will secure your successful future.

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Aufbau von Acceleratoren für Unternehmen

Work With Startups

We connect your company with our global network of startups, and help you set up joint projects. We also leverage the network to provide you with businesses guidance, technology, expert knowledge and support in specific subject areas.

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etventure business building process

Our battle-tested methodology ensures the success of your projects.

Understanding the customer needs

Verstehen der Kundenbedürfnisse

Identifying Your customer´s Pain Points

rapid prototyping of ideas

Schnelles Prototyping von Ideen

Testing Ideas and Selecting Winners

Building working solutions (MVP)

Building working solutions (MVP)

Develop and Test Minimum Viable Products

building Business based on real data

Geschäftsaufbau auf Basis realer Daten

Quick and KPI-based Market Rollout

Continuous user testing, validation & optimization

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