The four pillars of innovation – etventure bundles new and existing business areas into four subject fields

29. April 2016

“Only true entrepreneurs drive digital business” – under this central claim, etventure is now presenting its own business areas in a new light and grouping the different corporate activities into four pillars of innovation: Startup Innovation, Corporate Innovation, Teams for Innovation and Space for Innovation. The four core areas will be presented on the company website in a new look.

Startup Innovation



This business field bundles together all the activities related to the active development and accompaniment of successful startups. This includes, on the one hand, rapid testing and execution of new business ideas together with the idea generators. The promoting of startups through acceleration and incubation programs and the access to a wide variety of startup ecosystems also fall into this area. On the other hand, etventure naturally also offers participation opportunities for investors.

Corporate Innovation



In the area of corporate innovation the implementation of digitization focuses on corporations and SMEs. Together with the customer, etventure designs a new digital business and builds entire digital units. Finally, etventure also functions as a broker and bridge builder between corporates and startups. Through offers such as startup screening and corporate startup pilot programs, effective forms of collaboration should be established and innovations for the core business of companies then developed.

Teams for Innovation



This newly created business area focuses on the successful development of managers and digital teams. The recently founded Unternehmer-Schmiede, a joint venture between etventure and the HR and company consultant Kienbaum, is recruiting and developing digital entrepreneurs and creating entire digital teams for companies. The Berlin School of Digital Business, an etventure subsidiary, also offers executive education for managers in seminars and coaching sessions. Finally, etventure has a unique network of digital leaders – from the corporate world, the startup scene and the public domain.

Space for Innovation



Innovation work requires the right type of premises. Therefore, within the scope of the fourth company pillar, Space for Innovation, etventure is applying itself to this new area. In the process, companies will be offered creative environments for innovation workshops or for other modern training formats. etventure is also realizing, in connection with the creation of digital units for companies, the setup of the premises. Through a partnership with Friendsfactory, the company area spaces will be further expanded in the future.

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Doris Bärtle ist PR Managerin bei etventure. Zuvor arbeitete sie im Bereich Unternehmens- und Markenkommunikation und im Event Management.

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