Storage becomes digital – KAISER+KRAFT, Schacht One and etventure launch the Test Planner

27. March 2017

For almost one year, etventure, together with the Haniel Group companies, has been developing new, digital business models in digital entity Schacht One, which was established especially for this purpose. Now a new product has been launched by KAISER+KRAFT ‒ the Test Planner, or in German “Prüfplaner”. The tool enables the simple digital management of products that are subject to mandatory testing and should make life easier for many companies.

Mandatory testing made easy

Mandatory testing – what does that actually mean? From ladders to shelving or forklift trucks, many products that are in everyday use at companies are subject to mandatory testing. This means that they have to be regularly tested, either by competent employees or by external service providers, to see whether they still conform to current regulations. Keeping an eye on the different requirements and due dates takes a lot of time and effort. In order to make these tasks significantly easier, a project team consisting of employees from etventure, Schacht One and KAISER+KRAFT have developed the Test Planner – a self-service dashboard which can be used to manage the different products that require mandatory testing and the statutory testing activities.

Here is a video in German language explaining how the Test Planner works:

The Test Planner provides an all-in-one solution. Customers can enter into the tool their products that require mandatory testing, record the associated deadlines, coordinate service providers and upload documents. The tool is provided as a cloud-based solution and can therefore be accessed on all terminals.

More than 155 discussions with customers, more than 20 ideas, one MVP

The Test Planner is the result of an agile product development process, as already successfully implemented by etventure with many of its clients. Using innovation methods such as Design Thinking, the project team identified pain points and requirements in numerous discussions with customers and then developed various solution ideas on this basis. Through an iterative procedure and ongoing customer feedback, the Test Planner finally emerged from the original set of more than 20 different ideas. The tool is considered to be a Minimum Viable Product and has already been tested with initial pilot customers in the last few weeks. And the Test Planner will continue to be developed even after the official launch.

Digital ideas made by Schacht One

The Test Planner is one of the projects that has emerged from Schacht One in the last few months. The digital entity was established in April 2016 by Haniel with support from etventure and has the aim of fostering digital ideas to fuel future growth. It is clearly focused on developing digital business models for Haniel’s different business units. In addition to TAKKT, these also include CWS-boco, ELG and BekaertDeslee. The Test Planner is therefore just one of the many ideas that Haniel wants to use to create its own digital future.

Das Prüfplaner-Team

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