People of etventure – “etventure is more like rafting than a slow boat trip”

13. November 2017

We continue with our People of etventure series. This time our startup guru aka Head of Company Building, Sebastian Esser, talks about his professional and private life.

Sebastian Esser

What are you doing at etventure?

I manage the etventure Company Builder and oversee our start-up portfolio both operationally and financially. In addition, my team offers performance-based consulting for corporates and etventure clients. We bring the expertise to existing employees, examine the market together with them and set up independent companies for them.

What do you like most about your work at etventure?

I think it’s great to develop new ideas – so an empty sheet of paper suddenly turns into jobs. People talk about it, deal with it, pay their rent with the idea. We change the world in many small parts. I think that’s great. I also like how dedicated the people here are – that makes the work varied and emotional. Apart from that, you have to adapt continuously – just because technology is constantly changing and so is the market, which makes it exciting. We are close to the pulse of time. At etventure you are never in a calm waterway, and I definitely enjoy rafting more than a slow boat trip.

How was your first day at etventure?

I was received very friendly and could jump directly into individual topics. It immediately felt very familiar. Even if the whole names were difficult in the beginning.

What does etventure mean to you?

etventure is constantly changing, and this is mainly due to constant debate and adaptation. We try to solve the challenges of our partners and customers on the market. I feel that this is something special, especially with regard to digitization. Also because we always know how to inspire. Another major distinguishing feature of etventure for me is that we first-movers and deal with alternative working models at a very early stage.

What do you do for one day without etventure?

I am a real family man and spend my time exclusively with people who are really important to me. This includes my friends, of course. I want to have good conversations and deal with topics that captivate me. In addition, I love everything that has to do with balls – for example, I used to play football very intensively in the past, I like tennis very much and meanwhile I also find a round of golf very cool. It’s hard for me to go jogging at seven in the morning – mainly because my joints don’t work as well as they used to – but I definitely need the physical balance to recharge the batteries.

What kind of people do you like to work with?

I need people with drive who see and accept challenges rather than problems. People who are courageous and able to make decisions. Those who don’t want to tick off their day from a list in a 9-to-5 rhythm, but who want to passionately help shape their environment. People who think for themselves and can enter into it. No one has to agree with me. On the contrary. If someone can convince me with good arguments, I think it’s great. In short, I like people who don’t think in ready-made patterns, but rather look beyond their own horizons.

What do you think your colleagues especially appreciate about you?

I believe that everyone who works with me appreciates my pragmatic approach – and my dedication.

How do you know you did a good job?

When I realize that people keep consulting me and looking for my opinion. It is a great feeling to offer solutions that work with the customer.

If you could appear on the cover of a magazine – which magazine would you choose and why?

Times magazine. It would be great if I could make it possible to give something back to other people through professional success and thus gain recognition. Of course, I would also like to act as a role model.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I never ran naked through the football stadium. So in that sense I have nothing crazy to tell…. Except… Well, there’s one thing that comes to mind that would be more of the category “Most Shocking Moments In Life”: When I was at school earlier, I earned my pocket money at an industrial cleaner. They specialized in clearing out drug shelters. And you get to see enough of it. One day we should dispose of all things in one of the houses – mattresses, junk, all the stuff that just happens. We first had to throw in the thick insect grenades to get rid of all the vermin. It’s hard to believe how quickly beetles and maggots can seize control of an apartment, and empty drug houses tend to be in disarray. Anyway…. we went through the rooms to see the situation and when we finally arrived in the bathroom, we found more than just abandoned clothes. I don’t want to go into any more detail. Just this much: It was not a pretty sight.

What would you do with 1 million euros?

I’d give part of the money to my siblings, partly invest it wisely. Maybe I’d also build a mining server for crypto currencies. I don’t really know that much about it, but if you invest a little bit of money in a thing, you’re really interested in, you rather tend to see about it. I find the change so exciting that machines are starting to pay for each other. Now my lawnmower can pay for the weather sensor to tell it,”Look, it’s not raining.” Then the lawnmower drives out into the garden and does its job. I think that’s super cool.

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