How does digitalization work, Mr. Depiereux? The seven rules of digitization – etventure featured on

16. July 2015

“This is what businesses have to do now, in order to react to the digital transformation and to prevent being outcompeted by their competitors or even young startups.”  In the online edition of the German business magazine Capital, etventure’s managing director Philipp Depiereux explains under which conditions and circumstances and by using  which methodology , digital transformation within a corporation will be a success.

“The competition is global and digital today. Businesses that don’t digitalize now, leave the potential profit and added value to others. However, many businesses  don’t seem to be at ease with digitizing their business model. ”

“In my opinion there are seven rules of digitialization and those who follow these rules,  are on the right track”, says Depiereux. A guideline for the digitization (in German) at

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