etventure supports the Wüstenrot & Württembergerische-Group (W&W) with its digital transformation

27. August 2015

Cultural change at Wüstenrot & Württembergische: For the identification, development and implementation of new digital business ideas, W&W has ensured the support of etventure. Together, the internal startup “Digital Workshop” was founded. The Digital Workshop is designed to help initiate a cultural change within the company.

Digitization requires new agile ways of working and a new kind of dynamic thinking in order to rapidly test, develop, and implement ideas. This is why W&W’s Digital Workshop used the model of a startup as a basis, ensuring that its structure is small and flexible.

Under the leadership of Nils Ebsen (W&W) and Carolin Kröger (etventure), the Digital Workshop team is busy developing new, innovative products and services that are consistently focused on the customer. In keeping with the model etventure approach, the team started by carrying out intensive user surveys in order to determine the customers’ wants and needs or their ‘pain points.’ Based on the analysis of these surveys, 50 specific product ideas were initially identified. Of these, ten have been prioritized for further development processes.

Dr. Alexander Erdland, CEO of Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG, says: “The methodology and philosophy applied by etventure has made it possible for us to accelerate the development process of new digital solutions in a way we could never have done independently. When connected with our established competencies, this new mentality and these new ways of working create a dynamic work culture that strengthens the connection to our younger target-audiences in particular.

The first projects will be launched later this year.

Click here for the press release and the Case Study on building a digital unit for W&W, one of the leading financial services provider.

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