Set-up of a digital unit for a leading financial service provider

of new, digital business models in the fields of health, insurance and residential property

Case study conducted by Wüstenrot & Württembergische

Set-up of an own company builder, the W&W Digital GmbH domiciled in Berlin with currently 20 employees

Named by CAPITAL as one of the top 10 digital labs in Germany (June 2017)

From app idea to spin-off in only 2 months

Product & Solution

Wüstenrot & Württembergische - Case Study

As a joint venture of W&W AG and etventure, W&W Digital is in the unique position of bringing together the strong points from the financial and the digital sectors. The goal of W&W Digital as company builder is the development of an attractive start-up portfolio in the areas of HealthTech, InsurTech and PropTech.

  • Consistently user-focused development of Therapio – your virtual companion during physiotherapy – in collaboration with therapists in order to identify the real pain points.
  • Set-up of the prototype Keleya – an app-based health coach for expectant mums – in a matter of weeks with a small but dedicated team; on account of the extremely positive reactions from the users and investors, the app is now ready for spin-off only two months following the start of the project.
  • Discontinuation of Rentenhero – a robo-advisor in the area of pension planning – due to the high customer acquisition costs and strong competition in the B2C sector. All the knowledge gained from the discontinued projects in the insurance sector was utilised to set up an attractive service in the area of B2B insurance.



Idea assessment
Identification of ideas with potential in the relevant markets and topic areas based on market and competitor monitoring, incl. start-up screenings as weöö as exploratory interviews with users.

Smoke Tests

Problem solution fit
Qualitative and quantitative testing of value proposition to validate user interest and channels to increase the reach.


Low-Fi MVP
Presentation of the complete user funnel with minimum IT development and validation of the most important hypotheses of the business model (RAT = riskiest assumption testing) by carrying out different test scenarios. Generation of first real customers and sales.


Efficient and effective development and launch of the business idea with the involvement of entrepreneurs as well as establishment of investor contacts and assurance of follow-up investments. Currently, 2 of our health apps are practically ready for spin-off.


Financial and insurance sector


Wüstenrot & Württembergische AGThe W&W Digital GmbH specialises in the development of new, digital business models in the fields of health, insurance and residential property. For this purpose, W&W identifies customer requirements and problems and creates user-focused solutions in the form of independent business models using modern innovation methods like design thinking and lean start-ups. The business models are structurally validated by means of market tests; where successful, they are further developed into investment-ready start-ups.

Through digitalisation, W&W hopes to secure its core business model and maintain sustainable development for the future.

etventure has established an internal Digital-Unit at W&W and supports the financial service provider with the development of many digital projects.


Management sponsors

Alexander Erdland

Dr. Alexander Erdland
CEO W&W AG (2006-2016)

Video message from Dr. Erdland
Philipp Herrmann

Philipp Herrmann
Founder & CEO etventure

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