Become a digital champion: etventure and Kienbaum deepen cooperation

21. December 2015

The digital consultant and company builder etventure and the management and human resources consultant Kienbaum are deepening their cooperation. To express the spirit of their work together, they have chosen the tagline, “become a digital champion.” The partnership combines the companies’ expertise in digital transformation and people management in a unique way. At the Day of German Industry, they introduced themselves to the sector for the first time, and this led to a joint video on the subjects of digitization, startup philosophy, and entrepreneurship as well as traditional corporate culture.“Digitize or die — in other words, it’s important to act now, or else you might be out of business, if worst comes to worst,” says Julia Dous, Senior Consultant Executive Search at Kienbaum.

At this year’s Day of Germany Industry 2015, etventure and Kienbaum publicly introduced themselves as partners for the first time. The visitors to the etventure and Kienbaum booth included numerous politicians and businessmen who took the opportunity to learn more about the current megatrend of digitization, among them FDP Chairman Christian Lindner, who calls for greater efforts on the part of business: “We’re not yet good enough in the development of highly innovative startups and especially in the transfer of the knowledge acquired there […] to corporate Germany.”

Ullrich Grillo, President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), adds: “We have to want it, and we have to get the message out to our employees and coworkers, so that the anxiety goes away and everyone pulls together — that’s the key.”

That captures the essence of the cooperation between etventure and Kienbaum too. New technologies and innovations require that employees take on new roles and acquire new skills. By helping to set up “digital units” at companies, the partners aim to develop independent teams with the ability to act and apply digital core competencies. The objective is to enable companies to advance their digitization strategies as quickly as possible with their own resources.

“Speed and entrepreneurship on the one hand, and on the other hand, Kienbaum’s expert knowledge of people and companies and their ability to guide them through this transformation — those make us fairly unique in the market,” sums up Philipp Depiereux, founder and managing director of etventure.

Watch the video with scenes and voices from the Day of Industry 2015 and more information about the cooperation of etventure and Kienbaum:

An overview of the services provided by etventure and Kienbaum is also available at

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Doris Bärtle ist PR Managerin bei etventure. Zuvor arbeitete sie im Bereich Unternehmens- und Markenkommunikation und im Event Management.

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