“The digital change is transforming companies and the labour market fast” – Handelsblatt featuring etventure, Klöckner, Wüstenrot & Württembergische, Deutsche Bahn and Kienbaum Consultants

25. September 2015

Digitization brings with it many changes. Alongside the fundamental changes it brings to business models and entire industries, it also has a deep impact on work and leadership. New technologies and innovations require that the employee structure of businesses includes new job roles and new areas of expertise. Yesterday (24 September 2015), the German business newspaper Handelsblatt reported on these challenges with an expert commentary from etventure and Kienbaum Consultants, who began a strategic partnership with etventure in June this year. The article also mentioned etventure customers Klöckner, Wüstenrot & Württembergische, and Deutsche Bahn.

“Conquering the new world is a very difficult challenge for many businesses. The new generation has expert knowledge and has this new world at its fingertips. These young professionals are desirable and rare,” explains the Handelsblatt. “HR experts such as Jochen Kienbaum observe that digital companies and other businesses with a strong focus on the digital market snap up a large portion of this desirable workforce. ‘Young people want their work to relate to the future, and nowadays that means working in the digital sector,’” says the CEO of Kienbaum Consultants, as cited in the Handelsblatt. “Any company failing to offer that will quickly fall behind,” Kienbaum continues.

When it comes to processes for managing change and culture transformation, employers need to establish workspaces that offer the same advantages as innovative startups. Dynamic startup thinking and work processes should be sustainably integrated within the traditional company structure. According to the article, however, the question of how best to merge the new world with the old is a very challenging one for many HR managers.

“Many companies – including the steel giant Klöckner, financial service providers Wüstenrot & Württembergische as well as Deutsche Bahn – have built small, swift digitization units that are separate from the main core of their company.

“Philipp Depiereux, Founder of the consultant etventure, is convinced that digitization projects that are separate from the established business structures are a better place to start. ‘Many companies hold onto their old structures. Employees find it hard to adapt to changes.’ He therefore says it is crucial that lighthouse projects are started,” states the Handelsblatt, citing Philipp Depiereux.


“How corporates can start up”


To expand on what was stated in the article, etventure and management and HR-consultancy Kienbaum have formed a strategic partnership that unites their respective expertise in the areas of digital transformation and HR management. The aim of the partnership is to help businesses to successfully implement their digital strategies.

This powerful partnership combines digitization know-how with Kienbaum’s exceptional expertise in all things related to human resources and organization. Digital leadership is the strategic key to success ­– as verified by the Handelsblatt article. Together with Kienbaum, we make the necessary preparations at our clients’ businesses, making it possible for new digital business models to be successfully developed and executed and facilitating the formation of new digital units.

In the interview in the Handelsblatt, Jochen Kienbaum of Kienbaum Consultants adds the following comment: “The same is true of almost any company, no matter the industry. If you do not face the internal and external challenge of digitization, sooner or later you will witness decreases in revenue and margins. Not only does this create operational problems, it also makes the business less attractive as an employer. After all, who wants to work for a company without a future? Businesses need to face the facts. Companies with fresh ideas and strong growth are simply more attractive for young people.”

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