New CEO at Unternehmer-Schmiede – Mathias Weigert is now at the helm of the digital company

26. August 2016

Mathias Weigert is now the CEO of Unternehmer-Schmiede, with immediate effect. As a result, the joint venture between the HR and management consultant Kienbaum and etventure now has a proven expert in leadership and tomorrow’s workplace at its helm. As he begins his new role, he explains in an interview with German economics magazine BILANZ why the digital entrepreneur is not currently present on the market.

Mathias Weigert, new CEO of Unternehmer-Schmiede, describes his mission, saying, “The clear promise we are making to the market is this: The digital entrepreneurs that we recruit and train will make your digital business activities successful in the long term.” “We provide companies with the assurance that, by selecting the right people, the substantial investments they are making in digital transformation will become embedded in the organization for the long term.”

Unternehmer-Schmiede is a powerhouse that equips managerial staff and specialists with entrepreneurial digital skills. It focuses on recruiting, selecting, developing and supporting digital entrepreneurs and their teams on behalf of publicly-listed corporations, medium-sized enterprises and family-owned companies.

These ‘new’ employees are not currently available on the labor market. Speaking from our own experience – etventure has grown by more than 100 employees in the last twelve months – we know that recruitment agencies are not managing to recruit these digital entrepreneurs. This challenge is substantially more difficult for traditional companies because they generally lack the digital ecosystem and the culture that we have. These employees have been developed and built up by etventure and have become digital entrepreneurs who are now successfully digitizing companies on the market and accompanying them through the transformation. In this way, etventure has validated Unternehmer-Schmiede’s modern approach and business model.

With Mathias Weigert at the helm, Unternehmer-Schmiede has gained an expert. Throughout the various stages of his career, he has already focused on the concepts of leadership and the future of the world of work.

In the interview with BILANZ, Mathias Weigert provides another detailed explanation of what makes the digital company unique and how the Unternehmer-Schmiede develops these ‘all-rounders.’

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