Harvard Business Manager – Consulting 4.0: the “Digital Pioneers”

22. February 2017

The days of impressing corporate clients with elaborate strategy decks are over. To remain relevant, consultants need to rethink their approach. In the current issue of Harvard Business Manager, Ingmar Höhmann and Michael Leitl describe their vision of how consulting might look like in the future. They present four new consulting approaches for the 21st Century – including the unique approach of the “Digital Pioneers” at etventure.

There has never been a more profound period of innovation in business, and today’s enterprises are faced with significant challenges – so the consulting industry is booming.

However, many consulting customers tend to overlook one key factor: the consulting industry itself is undergoing radical change. The authors state that most businesses lack the “ability to create value-generating innovation… and the expertise to turn ideas into successful products”. So, it is no longer enough for a consultant to provide the vision, and expect the business to execute it.

So, what does a modern, results-oriented consultancy look like?

Digital Pioneers

To deliver meaningful results at a pace that is competitive, a new breed of consultant is required – the “Digital Pioneer”.

Digital Pioneers are digital experts – and not only provide the vision for customers, but are able to execute that vision.

“Right from the start, following the classic consulting approach was not an option for etventure”, the authors state. “Instead, they placed an entrepreneurial focus on fast results”. Philipp Depiereux, Founder and Global CEO at etventure, explains: “We always like to ask our corporate clients: Have you talked to your customers? Most of the time, the answer is No.”

Cooperation & Exchange

“Digital Pioneers are all about cooperation and exchange”, state Höhmann and Leitl, “for example, Depiereux formed a joint venture with a leading HR firm. Managers at enterprises receive on-site training on entrepreneurial startup methods, as well as assistance in finding staff who excel at Digital. In another case, Depiereux and his partners have co-founded an innovation lab with a leading insurer – giving entrepreneurs and startups the opportunity to work together.”

Rapid Execution

Another key attribute of the Digital Pioneer is the ability to execute quickly. The etventure team can move from idea to working product in a matter of months – including design, development and integration. This capability maximizes time-to-value for businesses, and also gets ideas in front of customers quickly – rapidly exposing any gaps, which are quickly corrected.

Partner, not Vendor

Digital, results-focused, transparent, interconnected – consulting must adapt to meet the demands of the future.

At etventure, we tackle this challenge by working as your partner – your success is our success.

Contact us today, and learn how we can partner with your business.

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