EuropeanPioneers: A look at the startups – MYCHOPCHOP

18. December 2015

From now on, we want to use our blog to periodically introduce new startups that are part of the EU accelerator program EuropeanPioneers. Managed by etventure, the program provides financial and other business-related assistance to innovative newcomers. A total of 13 different startups were selected from 660 applicants, and these will receive more than two million euros in EU funding in the current, second round of the program. Today, we’ll take a glimpse behind the scenes of MYCHOPCHOP, a technology startup in the food sector.

MYCHOPCHOP – the intelligent kitchen helper

MYCHOPCHOP is a startup from London that has just launched a cooking app of the same name. What makes MYCHOPCHOP special is that the app is based on artificial intelligence, and it guides amateur chefs from the selection of recipes and creation of a shopping list onward, step by step, though the entire cooking process. This way, even non-professionals can prepare multiple courses simultaneously, without losing track of what they’re doing.


Successful market entry with EuropeanPioneers

The support that EuropeanPioneers is providing to MYCHOPCHOP goes beyond just financial assistance. The EU accelerator program also offers startups help with specific business issues, such as the validation of the product, the go-to-market strategy, and above all, by providing access to an extensive network of mentors.

For example, the app was put through its paces in live testing sessions with the EuropeanPioneers team and other amateur chefs.

Moreover, the EuropeanPioneers program wasn’t the only outfit impressed by the team working with MYCHOPCHOP founder JinA Bae. The startup has already won a number of prestigious awards with its intelligent cooking tool. It was honored, for example, at Startup Weekend London, at 4YFN – Mobile World Congress, and at Innovate UK’s Digital Catapult.


A small team with enthusiasm for technology and good food

JinA Bae, herself an ardent cook, worked at the consultancy McKinsey before deciding to take the plunge and found her own startup. “I always had problems myself with the right timing when cooking. With MYCHOPCHOP, you always know what step comes next. That makes preparing a menu much easier and more relaxed.”

In addition to JinA, the five-member MYCHOPCHOP team includes two software developers, a specialist in private equity, and a quantum physicist — all former consultants. Above all, however, they share an enthusiasm for technology and good food. The way the team collaborates is as innovative as MYCHOPCHOP itself: There is no shared office. Instead, the team members work either in a home office, in their own “dev shops,” or they meet in the co-working space of Digital Catapult in London.

If you’d like to get a first-hand look at MYCHOPCHOP, follow this link.

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