etventure is a proud member of the Fair Company Initiative of the online platform

23. September 2015

The Fair Company-Initiative is the largest and most notorious employer initiative in Germany for university students and young professionals. Since the beginning of September, etventure is also part of this initiative and received the badge for responsible and transparent company culture. The goal of this initiative by German online platform, launched by the publishing group Handelsblatt, is to give students as well as fresh employees precious real life experience and set higher standards for interns.

Every Fair Company pledges to keep to certain quality standards and verifiable rules. It has always been a very high priority for etventure to give employees the best possible employment conditions and atmosphere. This is also backed up by the consistent top ranking awarded by, Germanys leading employer evaluation platform. etventure was recently voted best employer in Berlin and one of the best employers in the field of consultancy in Germany.


etventure as a Fair Company

etventure offers internships and student traineeships to provide professional orientation as well as imparting valuable experience and skills for later career progression. This means actively participating in team-meetings, being involved in live projects and being given responsibility for independent tasks. The guidance and oversight of team leaders, the generally flat hierarchy and the direct channels of communication mean that interns, student trainees and those at the start of their careers receive direct and constructive feedback. This optimizes their learning curve and ensures that teamwork is effective.

A student trainee in the PR division at etventure will also feel like a full member of the team. Being directly involved in live projects and taking responsibility for independent tasks allows and encourages them to participate and contribute their own ideas. The direct feedback from the team and the team leaders gives them the chance to grow into their role and develop on a personal level. With the flat hierarchies and casual atmosphere, there is always the feeling of wanting to do a good job – together.

More information about Fair Company                                                                                        Initiative:

etventure is growing! – we are looking for students and full-time interns as well as professionals. About our current career oportunities.

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