etventure and Unternehmer-Schmiede at the fifteenth Kienbaum annual conference

02. June 2016

“HRM transformation: from the digital revolution to the hybrid business model” – this was the main topic at HR and consultancy company Kienbaum’s fifteenth annual conference, which was held today in Ehreshoven. etventure and Kienbaum’s joint venture “Unternehmer-Schmiede” was represented at the event with its own exhibition stand. Philipp Depiereux, founder and managing director of etventure, also attended the event as a speaker.

Digitization not only changes business models, it also presents totally new challenges in the area of human resources management. How is the digital revolution changing the traditional concept of HR management? What problems and opportunities are associated with the digital future, particularly of HR? And what kinds of new skills profiles will be required for successful digital transformation?  The fifteenth Kienbaum annual conference, which was held today in Ehreshoven, North Rhine-Westphalia, brought together HR managers, HR experts and digital experts in order to discuss these issues. The conference began by defining the main challenges at digital BarCamp-style events and workshops called “Challenge Camps.” These were followed by “Solution Slams,” where solutions to the challenges were developed.

HR as a driving force for digitization

Kienbaum Jahrestagung

In his speech, Philipp Depiereux, founder and managing director of etventure, clarified: “Human resources management is a driving force for digitization!” He added that this sector would always remain people-centered and would not be replaced by digital technology or tools. “People are and continue to be of central importance in HR. But they must be the right kind of people – specialists who are digitally savvy and have an innovative mindset.” And it’s not just traditional companies who need digital expertise – HR consultancies and recruitment services need it too. HR staff will only be able to help companies find or develop the required competencies if they themselves have an understanding of these skills.


Unternehmer-Schmiede is developing digital leaders and establishing entire digital teams

This is precisely where Unternehmer-Schmiede comes in. The etventure and Kienbaum joint venture that was founded in March describes itself as a powerhouse for equipping managerial staff and specialists with entrepreneurial digital skills. It develops digital leaders and establishes entire digital teams. This will supply companies with the new kinds of employees with specific skills that they need to execute digital transformation. In addition to their digital expertise, these employees also need an entrepreneurial mindset, a startup mentality, and experience in the corporate world – a profile that is almost non-existent on the labor market. For that reason, Unternehmer-Schmiede combines recruitment with mentoring and the targeted development of candidates’ profiles. Using real-life “on-the-job” training as a basis, candidates are equipped with all the relevant experience and competencies required for the digitization process. After the conclusion of the development phase, these digital entrepreneurs are each provided with a mentor who coaches and challenges them.

The Unternehmer-Schmiede team – CEO Louis von Beaulieu and the project managers Julia Dous (left) and Verena Tschoner (right) – represented the company with their own exhibition stand at the Kienbaum annual conference (see left photo above). Jochen Kienbaum, chairman of the board of management of Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH, was one of the visitors at the Unternehmer-Schmiede stand (see right photo above).

Yet Unternehmer-Schmiede is not etventure’s only innovative business model in the HR sector. The etventure startup, mobileJob, is focused on digitizing recruitment and invented the express job application: mobile devices help to significantly accelerate the application process and simplify the personnel search for the commercial labor market. Over 170 companies are already using mobileJob and its mobile recruitment service.

Other top-notch speakers at the event included Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann, managing director of Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH, Janina Kugel, labor director of Siemens AG, Prof. Dr. Kevin Warwick, deputy vice chancellor (research) at the University of Coventry, as well as numerous other representatives from companies such as Adidas, Deutsche Bahn, SAP, Allianz, Klöckner & Co, and of course from within Kienbaum.

More impressions of the event:

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