360sales – etventure founds subsidiary for sales in the digital era

24. May 2016

With 360sales, etventure has founded a subsidiary which is focused on digital transformation in sales. Sales structures in companies are often not up to today’s demands for an integrated and performance-oriented process. Under the motto “Next Generation Sales”, 360sales combines analysis and benchmarking with KPI-driven performance management – all supported by cutting-edge sales tools.

The human factor is still crucial and is supported by digital tools

The subject of digitization is still handled rather badly in many sales departments nowadays. Instead, the sales department often works on its own and limits itself to dealing solely with distribution. As a result, opportunities are lost, and innovation opportunities and sales potential remain but a pipedream. Digital tools offer numerous opportunities to improve sales and focus more on customers. Contrary to widespread concerns, digitization also does not mean that the salesperson will no longer have a role to play in the future. On the contrary, the human factor is still crucial. Customers may have a great many more opportunities to find out about products, but it is the salesperson alone who translates the details into customer benefits and provides orientation. For this reason, the sales professional of the future must listen to the customer more closely than ever, recognize their problem and offer them a tailored product. Digitization offers enormous opportunities in this area.

360sales Programm


Sales success in just 12 weeks

360sales helps companies to make use of these opportunities. The etventure subsidiary helps both companies and startups to tailor their sales holistically, digitally and in a performance-oriented manner. 360sales’ 12-week plan is comprised of three pillars: In step one, 360sales conducts comprehensive benchmarking with the customer. Objectives and key performance figures are determined on the basis of a status analysis, and the sales story is clarified. It is followed by what is known as the “Team speed-up” phase. The respective sales team receives intensive training in how to use digital tools and apply sales techniques, whether it is to prepare or to carry out successful sales negotiations. In step three, 360sales optimizes the funnel and campaign management. Through direct KPT controlling, checks are still carried out throughout the process to see how the sales performance can be increased. All of the steps are supported by cutting-edge tools and methods.

Optimizing sales – both for companies and for startups

360sales had already proven that this approach worked before being founded officially. Both startups, such as the retail analytics provider POSpulse, as well as etventure corporate customers such as Viessmann were supported in optimizing their sales structures. Thus, the management of activities and the sales funnel could be increased, the sales cycle reduced and customer acquisition improved within a very short period of time.


Andreas Sujata, Managing Director of 360sales and Chief Sales Officer at etventure, explains: “The way we approached sales with etventure’s own startups meant that we gained extensive experience and saw huge successes. With 360sales, the scope for this success is even broader. In the process, we also rely on the success factors of etventure’s business formation processes here: Total focus on implementation, entrepreneurial thinking, testing and validation of new approaches in a secure environment through to a structured roll-out with the client.

The 360sales website can be found here – please do not hesitate to contact us.


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