FinTechCube and DJE Kapital AG implement Solidvest – the first individual online asset manager

03. May 2017

  • Solidvest combines active, digital portfolio management with over 40 years’ investment expertise of DJE Kapital, thus setting itself apart from other digital offers like Robo Advisor.
  • Private clients investing EUR 25,000 or more can now take advantage of the benefits of active, single-stock asset management.
  • DJE secured the support of FinTechCube, the joint venture between FINANCE BASE AG and etventure, for the implementation of Solidvest.

Berlin/Munich, 3 May 2017 – Traditional asset management turns digital. DJE Kapital AG, with assets under management of around EUR 11.5 billion, is one of the largest owner-managed asset managers in the German market. With its offer Solidvest, it is launching Germany’s first single-stock-based online asset manager.

Together with FinTechCube, a full-service provider and established expert in the fintech market, DJE Kapital has thus become the pioneer of digital asset management in individual equities and bonds. It is now possible to make use of digital asset management with investment amounts of EUR 25,000. Investors are given a customised portfolio which is managed by DJE’s own bank-independent research team, and its performance can be viewed online at any time. Solidvest portfolios are continuously monitored and adjusted to the market situation according to assessment – a proposition that is only available in traditional asset management for an investment amount of EUR 500,000 and above, and thus only to a very select target group.

First mover in digital asset management field

Compared to existing digital business models in this field – including Robo Advisor, which invests in ETFs – DJE Kapital AG with Solidvest is the first provider in the private client market to offer active digital asset management with a specific investment in individual equities and bonds. Active stock picking is particularly valuable in difficult stock market periods, when it is easier to avoid something like a price crash through active management than through an ETF.

A typical Solidvest portfolio consists of around 30 equities from across the world and 20 corporate and government bonds. This distribution spreads the portfolio risk among as many different securities as possible. The selection is made by a team of 14 analysts, whose assessments also act as the basis for traditional asset management investment decisions. This means that small investors also have access to DJE’s own in-house, bank-independent analysis and the long-term investment strategy based on this.

“DJE Kapital AG is synonymous with top quality, value orientation, independence and meticulous analysis in investment policy. Our aim is to offer this quality online as well,” said Dr Markus Küppers, member of the wider management team at DJE Kapital AG. “We have found the ideal partner for this in FinTechCube. They have wide experience in developing new user-focused fintech business models and deliver very high-quality work. FinTechCube also supported us perfectly in implementing our ambitious timescales. Together, we have made Solidvest, DJE Kapital AG’s online asset manager, the first mover in digital asset management for individual stocks.

Fintech company builder and digital consultancy for established financial services providers

DJE used FinTechCube, a full-service provider for the fintech market, for the implementation of Solidvest. FinTechCube is a company builder which supports startups from the financial sector with a framework of award-winning IT solutions, financial expertise and long-term startup expertise, as well as being a licensed financial investment intermediary and asset manager.

At the same time, FinTechCube advises and supports established financial services providers, like DJE Kapital, on digitising their business models. To do this, FinTechCube has developed its own fintech ecosystem, which includes numerous business models in the field of digital investment, both for private clients and for companies and institutional investors. Being under the umbrella of digital consultancy and company builder etventure, FinTechCube also has recourse to the former’s many years’ experience in developing new, digital business models.

“The digital channel will soon be normal practice in all areas of financial investment and DJE realised this. Key to making the transfer to the digital level is maintaining existing core competences while making optimal use of the advantages of digitisation,” explained Solidvest’s project owner, Florian Oswald, who is responsible for managing FinTechCube together with Gregor Puchalla. “DJE Kapital AG is a reliable and experienced asset manager, particularly due to its extensive in-house research. With Solidvest, we are transferring these existing assets to the digital channel and opening up asset management to new target groups.”

About the Companies

About FinTechCube GmbH:

FinTechCube GmbH is the first full-service provider for the fintech market. As a joint venture between digital consultancy and company builder etventure and FINANCE BASE AG, FinTechCube combines financial and data expertise with experience in the development and user-centric creation of new, digital business models. FinTechCube aims to help fintech startups with their development and market entry. At the same time, it also supports established financial services providers in adapting their business models to the requirements of the digital world. FinTechCube was founded in Berlin in December 2015 and is managed by Gregor Puchalla, CEO of etventure subsidiary FintechStars, and Florian Oswald, director of FINANCE BASE AG. The company is based in Berlin.

About DJE Kapital AG:

DJE Kapital AG has been an independent asset manager in the capital market for over four decades. The company, based in the Pullach district of Munich, has around 100 staff (including around 20 fund managers and analysts) and currently manages around EUR 11 billion of assets (as of 31 March 2017) in the fields of individual and institutional asset management and mutual funds. The CEO is Dr Jens Ehrhardt and the Deputy CEO is Dr Jan Ehrhardt. Fundamental to the investment process and all investment decisions is the FMM method (fundamentals, monetary issues, markets), which is based on in-house, independent research. DJE Kapital AG aims to provide its clients with expertise in taking a long-term view of the capital markets in all their phases.

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