Corporate meets Startup: 3 reasons why you should participate in tailored Matchmaking events

21. September 2018

Meet, mingle & connect! Business Matchmaking events are a great platform to establish valuable connections and unique business opportunities. Whether you are a startup looking for the next customer or a corporate that seeks startup cooperation. Such events are a powerful networking experience for various stakeholders.

What is a Matchmaking event?

Business Matchmaking events come in different shapes and various formats. These events have generally a clear industry focus. Usually startups get on stage to present themselves followed by 1 on 1 sessions with different industry specific stakeholders, investors or corporates. Find out why Startup & Corporate Matchmaking events should definitely be on your agenda in the near future:


IoT Matchmaking Day by etventure Startup Hub & Startup Lighthouse

Minimal time invest

Meet a series of contacts in a short amount of time. Matchmaking sessions often offer 5 to 20 minutes meetings in speed dating formats, provide a very efficient environment and flawless logistics.

Personal 1 on 1 meetings

Face-to-face meetings are the basis for successful business relations. Participants have more room for social connections and overall a better chance to understand each others needs. Personal meetings are a good environment to build trust and meaningful business contacts.

Strong introductions & meetings with curated stakeholders

Well planned events ensure end-to-end guidance and identify stakeholders’ needs by interviewing them before the actual meetings. The facilitator invites only a handpicked selection of startups and validated corporates clients to ensure high quality meetings.

Want to learn more?

etventure Startup Hub offers a portfolio of different Corporate meets Startup formats. We work together with international partners on projects like Startup Lighthouse and recently organized an IoT Matchmaking Day with 14 international startups and German SME companies.

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Alessia 8. December 2020 · 14:10

Great article! Matchmaking events are the future of venture-capital and open-innovation. It is extremely relevant nowadays to keep up with this trend for successful partnerships between corporations and startups to happen. Also, it is important to focus on “how” companies can find new businesses to interact with, as this is becoming increasingly more fundamental to understand, especially in this landscape full of new business ideas. Here’s an article I found that explains how to do so. Hope you can get inspired by it. 🙂



Lydia betreut das Communications Management im etventure Startup Hub und begleitet Kundenprojekte sowie Startup-Programme der Europäischen Kommission.

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