#DIGITALLEARNING – Launch of the new etventure blog series

06. December 2017

Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to digitization. That’s why we are launching the #DIGITALLEARNING blog series and want to regularly provide our readers with methods, tools and know-how about digitization and innovation. We’ll start next week with contribution number one on the topic of “Agile Work”!

The human factor is decisive

Digitization does not only mean that value chains and entire business models have to be changed and rethought. Above all, the company’s employees must be involved in this change so that the digital transformation can succeed. Human beings are the decisive factor in digitization. If new technologies and change are perceived as a risk and generate fears, a dangerous blockade attitude can develop within the workforce.

This makes it all the more important to prepare employees for digital change, impart knowledge and make the benefits of digitization tangible. Continuous learning and the development of know-how thus become a decisive success factor in digital transformation. For this reason, etventure not only supports companies in the development of new digital business models, but also supports the transformation of the core organization. To this end, the etventure Learning Hub offers employees and executives various training formats on topics related to digital change. The goal: to make employees aware of the opportunities and challenges of digitization and enable them to apply new and agile working methods, generate ideas and implement them for their own projects.

Learning by Doing

Learning by doing is the motto here. Agile working methods are not only taught theoretically, but above all “hands-on” – from individual design thinking workshops to boot camp formats such as the 5-Day Challenge to comprehensive training courses such as the 10-week Digital Intrapreneur Training. The goal is always to apply tools and innovation methods directly to the respective company and to generate concrete results, for example in the form of digital ideas or first prototypes.

In the future, we also want to transfer our knowledge and know-how more strongly to the outside world. That’s why we are launching #DIGITALLEARNING, a new blog series in which we will present concepts and tools around digital leadership and new work. The starting signal for contribution #1 is next week!

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Yana Khalitova studierte in Bonn Politik- und Sprachwissenschaften und war bereits in mehreren Berliner Startups tätig, wodurch sie Erfahrungen in operativen Prozessen und Konzepten zur innovativen Arbeitsweise gesammelt hat. Seit Oktober 2016 ist Yana Khalitova für den etventure Learning Hub tätig.

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