Corporate meets Startup Interview: Successful Collaboration Between Exit Entry and EY

11. March 2019

etventure Startup Hub fosters the collaboration between corporates and startups in various ways and is also partnered with Startup Lighthouse, a project that helps startups scale into different European markets. Each partner organizes “Deep Dive Weeks” in different cities all over Europe – a week full of workshops and meetings with potential clients and investors. We spoke with the startup Exit Entry. The founder, Lewize Crothers, participated in the Startup Lighthouse program in Lisbon. Through this program she met EY and they now have begun a successful collaboration. Read more in our interview! 

Please introduce your startup, Exit Entry, in a few sentences!
Exit Entry is a data driven app that showcases and measures college students’ soft skills  and connects them with multinationals and corporations for employment opportunities. We have identified key soft skills, and through data analysis and machine learning match students with graduate opportunities. We are a team of world-leading psychologists, technologists and business leaders driven by a passion to alleviate global poverty by breaking the cycle of poor access to opportunities, while providing a deeper candidate insight for the culture fit of organizations.

You participated in the Deep Dive Week Lisbon 2018. How did the week help your startup grow?
Exit Entry participated in Lisbon Deep Dive Week. This was a massive opportunity for us to gain an insight into the startup ecosystem in Lisbon. During this time we built many relationships which have enabled us to gain European exposure to partnerships with global businesses. It also enabled us to travel to Web Summit Lisbon as one of the short-listed companies from Lighthouse. We were able to build more strategic links with other organizations, attend many events and gain an insight into the funding landscape in Europe.

Recently you started a collaboration with EY Ireland. Tell us a bit about it: How will this cooperation transform EY as an organization?
Exit Entry has worked with EY as a trial partner for the last nine months in Ireland. This has been valuable to us, as through their feedback we have been able to mold our product to the needs of industry and graduate acquisition with a global company. This has also enabled EY to craft a tailor-made product to service their graduate acquisition piece, push out marketing and employer branding campaigns, and connect directly with college students globally.

Exit Entry will launch its first-phase product to market in April 2019. Thanks Lewize Crothers, and we wish you all the best for the future! A big thank you to our project partner FastTrack VC who organized the Deep Dive Week Lisbon.

Want to engage in successful collaborations like Exit Entry and EY have?

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