#BetterWork – Kickoff for the etventure blog parade

Everyone is talking about New Work, Work 4.0 and how our professional world is changing due to digitization and new technologies. We at etventure are also intensively concerned with this topic. But we are not only wondering what the future of work will look like. We ask ourselves: How does work have to be, so that it is more fun, more meaningful, more fulfilling – simply better – and above all, what must be done to achieve this. However, we cannot answer this question alone. For this we need your help, your opinions and views! That’s why we’re starting the first etventure blog parade and are calling on everyone interested to join in!

What does #BetterWork mean to you?

We are looking for contributions with concrete examples for a better working environment and better working. We are explicitly concerned not only with consulting and knowledge work, but also with a broad picture of society. We are particularly interested in stories focusing on sectors such as health and care, crafts, agriculture or industry. Even if you don’t have time to write a long article, you are welcome to participate and share your personal view via social media under #BetterWork.

What else you need to know

  • Deadline: Friday, July 27, 2018
  • We want to set as few content and formal guidelines as possible to motivate many people to participate – no matter whether a short statement via Twitter, LinkedIn and others or a 10-page article. Every input is important. You can write in German as well as in English.
  • To let us know that you are referring to this blog parade, use the hashtag #BetterWork for your posts via social media and tag etventure. If you post on your own blog, simply post a comment here and link this blog post below your article. You can also send your contributions directly to us by mail to blogparade@etventure.com.
  • The top 5 entries will be published here on the blog.

We look forward to your contributions!



Doris Bärtle ist PR Managerin bei etventure. Zuvor arbeitete sie im Bereich Unternehmens- und Markenkommunikation und im Event Management.

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