Automotive mvp.Demo Day – powered by co-pace and etventure

21. February 2019

Corporate incubator meets “real start-ups”:

During the mvp Demo Day on February 20, the teams of co-pace, Continental’s mvp.Builder incubation program, presented the mvp’s they’ve been developing for the past 4 months on site at wavespace Berlin. This program was facilitated by the etventure and wavespace team here. This incubation program focused on: transformation of the automotive industry, disruptive technologies and mobility solutions. We also welcomed three leading mobility startups from our ecosystem to pitch their products: Xapix, MotorAI and get-a-way. High-profile keynote speakers like Rasmus Rothe (founder of Merantix) shared their success stories as well as their take on disrupting technologies for what was probably not our last mobility event at the space!

Philipp Herrmann, founder and managing director of etventure, is also happy about the successful Demo Day: “Co-Pace attaches great value to an ecosystem. They invite start-ups or other companies to carry out co-innovations, and together they promote their implementation in the field of automotive mobility. Innovation programmes for corporates are important tools for the innovation process. They provide a sheltered space where teams can convene for a period of time and work together on these ideas with increased focus and speed. In this way, challenges can be solved, processes accelerated and great ideas can be used to build, alongside the core organization, a business of the future.”

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Heike Kraft ist Senior Projekt Managerin bei etventure.

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