25. July 2017 Gründerszene
POSpulse: microjob startup gets three million (in German)
13. July 2017 Stuttgarter Zeitung
Even a patriarch used to be a founder (in German)
11. July 2017 Wiwo Gründer
POSpulse: Three million euros for crowd-based market research (in German)
30. June 2017 Rheinische Post
Only the customer matters (in German)
22. June 2017 deutsche-startups
Test Planner: When a B2B merchant is looking ahead (in German)
22. June 2017 Human Resources Manager
The separation experts (in German)
21. June 2017 Rheinische Post
Steel digital (in German)
14. June 2017 Infraserv Höchst
Data plus customer request plus production (in German)
29. May 2017 Berliner Morgenpost
The automated investment (in German)
22. May 2017 Computerwoche
The “transformation” of staff (in German)
18. May 2017 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Bosses underestimate the digitalization (in German)
08. May 2017 Rheinische Post
The digital show of strength (in German)
18. April 2017 Berliner Wirtschaft
“The digital view of customers is getting important” (in German)
03. April 2017 Computer & Automation
Digitalization: USA versus Germany (in German)
30. March 2017 VDI-Nachrichten
Human Resources as motor of change (in German)
23. March 2017 Haufe
Lack of IT specialists brakes digitalization (in German)
22. March 2017 CeBIT
During change managers have to think like founders (in German)
21. March 2017 Wirtschaftswoche Gründer
Cebit: founders claim less administrative barriers for startups (in German)
14. March 2017 Haufe
Companies have trouble with customer centrality (in German)
14. March 2017 Wiwo Blog - Kroker's Look @ IT
For half of the german concerns digitalization belongs to the top 3 topics (in German)
09. March 2017 Wired
German companies are becoming more digital – but they also fear it (in German)
09. March 2017 BILD
Digital change: German companies more timid than American (in German)
09. March 2017 W&V
Digitalization: US companies are ahead of the large German companies (in German)
09. March 2017 Netzökonom
Digital transformation is one of the top 3 priorities for every second company (in German)
09. March 2017 Süddeutsche Zeitung
Digital change: German companies more timid than American (in German)
09. March 2017 Wirtschaftswoche
The Germans do not know their customers (in German)
09. March 2017 Internet World Business
Badly prepared: German companies and digital change (in German)
22. February 2017 Harvard Business manager
In the wake of technology (in German)
22. February 2017 Schwäbische Zeitung
Anyone who does not digitize now has already lost (in German)
09. February 2017 planung & analyse
Startups: Invasion of smartphone agents (in German)
30. January 2017 IT Finanzmagazin
Benchmark survey: Banks take a critical look at their progress in digitization – customers demand more
20. January 2017 Absatzwirtschaft
Start-up series: Berlin wants to get away from the “wannabe” valley (in German)
17. January 2017 Die Welt
That is why we do not have to fear the unemployment (in German)
16. January 2017 Internet World Business
These are the chief new digital professions (in German)
13. January 2017 new business
Dorothea von Wichert-Nick joins the management at etventure (in German)
13. January 2017 Digital Business Cloud
Career: Dr. Dorothea von Wichert-Nick becomes the new CEO of Corporate Innovation (in German)
10. January 2017 Die Welt
Wüstenrot & Württembergische invests in start-up (in German)
06. January 2017 Absatzwirtschaft
Start-up series: primordial soup of Stuttgart (in German)
19. December 2016 Frankfurter Allgemeine
Bad grades? No problem! (in German)
19. December 2016 Gründerszene
The future of Home Eat Home is uncertain – founder [Sebastian Esser] changes to etventure (in German)
12. December 2016 Berlin Valley
First NKF summit in Berlin: “Germany needs to dare more startup culture” (in German)
09. December 2016 Versicherungsmagazin
Intermediaries must radically orient themselves towards the customer (in German)
08. December 2016 Berlin Valley
Collective strength: How corporates and startups work together (in German)
29. November 2016 Handelsblatt
High season on the virtual construction site (in German)
28. November 2016 Internet World
Digital units must be protected (in German)
25. November 2016 Rheinische Post
Think like a designer (in German)
25. November 2016 Stuttgarter Zeitung
Digitization: Putzmeister learns startup mindset (in German)
23. November 2016 Wirtschaftsforum
Digital entrepreneur and start-up founder Philipp Depiereux in an interview: “The idea is never the problem, …” (in German)
19. November 2016 Süddeutsche Zeitung
Hand over the new ideas (in German)
17. November 2016 Handelsblatt
Digital pro Philipp Depiereux: To be fast, to be smart, to fail (in German)
02. November 2016 Handelsblatt
Fintechs can save banks (in German)
01. November 2016 Süddeutsche Zeitung
The awakening (in German)
21. October 2016 Handelsblatt
More oppertunities than risks (in German)
01. October 2016 Der Spiegel
Pain points everywhere (in German)
29. September 2016 Die Zeit
Who’s getting us out of here? (in German)
08. September 2016 VDI-Nachrichten
In a protected space (in German)
02. September 2016 Private Banking Magazin
Guest commentary: How banks build their own fintech-supermarket (in German)
01. September 2016 deutsche-startups
CampusScout secures subsidies (in German)
25. August 2016 Bilanz
„The digital entrepreneur currently does not exist“ (in German)
18. August 2016 Immobilien Zeitung
Working in a niche (in German)
08. August 2016 Haufe
etventure with new personnel manager (in German)
29. July 2016 WAZ
A new boost for startups (in German)
12. July 2016 Handelsblatt
C-Suite next level leadership: four aces and one commissioner (in German)
28. June 2016 Aachener Zeitung
A nucleus for innovative ideas (in German)
15. June 2016 CIO
Companies half-hearted with industry 4.0 (in German)
14. June 2016 Gründerszene
Minute wage by app (in German)
10. June 2016 Stuttgarter Zeitung
Accelerate Stuttgart: Stuttgart based start-up pioneer has been sold (in German)
10. June 2016 Stuttgarter Zeitung
Commentary to Accelerate Stuttgart : accolade and a drop of bitterness (in German)
25. May 2016 deutsche startups
Summit meeting of the innovators of concern at the spree (in German)
13. May 2016 Zeit Online
A country in “delivery war” (in German)
04. May 2016 Manager Magazin
You can’t buy cool (in German)
04. May 2016 Computerwoche
Haniel opens digital unit “Schacht One” (in German)
03. May 2016 RP Online
SMS-Group founds digital subsidiary (in German)
01. May 2016 Die Welt
The more human Silicon Valley lies in Germany (in German)
01. May 2016 Welt
Founders celebrate Berlin as start-up metropole (in German)
29. April 2016 deutsche startups
5 things everyone needs to know about “Schacht One” (in German)
27. April 2016 RP Online
Data instead of “dough” (in German)
27. April 2016 CIO
Haniel opens digital unit “Schacht One” (in German)
27. April 2016 Wirtschafts Woche
Who brakes during the digital change? (in German)
25. April 2016 Die Welt
Hip, digital and still a secret (in German)
20. April 2016 saatkorn
Digital transformation is underestimated (in German)
13. April 2016 Business Insider
Startup spirit at a major corporation : this company makes you executives (in German)
01. April 2016 Neue Zürcher Zeitung
A manufactory for new manager (in German)
30. March 2016 Haufe
Startups drive forward the digital change (in German)
24. March 2016 deutsche startups
Schacht One – Haniel plans digital unit (in German)
22. March 2016 Gründerszene
etventure and Kienbaum want to bring startup spirit in to companies (in German)
21. March 2016 WAZ
Duisburger concern is attracted to “Zeche Zollverein” (in German)
14. March 2016 Bilanz
Digitization must be a management issue (in German)
04. March 2016 Gründerszene
CEO’s are lazy when it comes to digitalization (in German)
03. March 2016 Stuttgarter Zeitung
Company survey: Undecided in digitalization (in German)
02. March 2016 Horizont
The digital transformation has not reached the executive floor yet (in German)
02. March 2016 Wirtschafts Woche
Digitalization: internal fights block the progress (in German)
28. February 2016 Die Welt
For monks and billionaires (in German)
15. February 2016 Stuttgarter Zeitung
Own ecosystem for the employees of the future (in German)
04. February 2016 Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Playing a trick on Google (in German)
07. January 2016 Gründer Szene
Digital market researchers receive seven-digit investment (in German)
04. January 2016 Berliner Morgenpost
Where Berlin founders score: Jürgen Stüber about trends in the startup scene of 2016 (in German)
19. December 2015 FOCUS Online
Wüstenrot & Württembergische uses start-up methods (in German)
30. November 2015 Vertriebsmanager
24. November 2015 Wirtschaft – Das IHK-Magazin für München und Oberbayern
“Velocity is more important than control” (in German)
13. November 2015 Der Tagesspiegel
Digitalizing the financial sector: etventure and Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG (W&W) establish Joint Venture for digitalization (in German)
12. November 2015 IT - Finanzmagazin
Three-figure million Euro: W&W and etventure establishing Joint Venture for fintechs and insurtechs
12. November 2015
etventure and Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG (W&W) establish a joint venture for digitization (in German)
30. September 2015 Handelsblatt
Old stager, young savages (in German)
09. September 2015 VersicherungsJournal
Insurance business in digital transition (in German)
09. September 2015 Versicherungswirtschaft heute | Tagesreport
W&W: etventure to advance digital transformation (in German)
03. September 2015 Business Handel - Das Magazin für Unternehmer und Manager
Must have! (in German)
18. August 2015 deutsche-startups
EuropeanPioneers funds 13 Startups with over 2 Million Euro (in German)
31. July 2015 Berlin Valley News
Pioneers presenting: A demo day to close the first financing round by EuropeanPioneers (in German)
31. July 2015 Berlin Valley News
Old meets new: Klöckner reinvents the steel market (in German)
27. July 2015 Gründerszene
Cover letter? CV? At mobileJob candidates apply via text message (in German)
14. July 2015 Süddeutsche Zeitung
The energizer (in German)
03. July 2015 Markt und Mittelstand
The new one in the board of management (in German)
29. May 2015 The Hundert
MyBook + Ullstein Buchverlage (in German)
29. May 2015 The Hundert
etventure + Klöckner & Co (in German)
27. May 2015 Internet World Business
etventure: New business segment in digitization (in German)
13. May 2015 Wirtschaftswoche
Fintechs: Cosying up to banks (in German)
13. May 2015 Die Welt
MyBook wants to be likeable Amazon competiton (in German)
13. May 2015 gründerszene.de
MyBook: More human, less algorithm (in German)
04. May 2015
Start-up climate: Tierra del fuego? (in German)
14. April 2015 Stephan Grabmeier Blog
„Fail fast and cheap“ (in German)
26. March 2015 Kontakter
Reports on sustainability (in German)
23. March 2015 Die Welt
Digitizing companies with old structures and making them even more successful (in German)
16. March 2015 SPIEGEL ONLINE
Programming in front of an audience (in German)
06. March 2015 heise online
Decentralisation instead of bureaucracy: Europes start-up millions (in German)
24. February 2015 new business
Andreas Sujata becomes new CSO of etventure (in German)
23. February 2015 Gründerszene
etventure with a new CSO (in German)
16. February 2015 Computerwoche
Old Economy meets Digital Innovation (in German)
03. February 2015 brand eins
New market regulation (in German)
02. February 2015 Computerwoche
What is start-up culture characterized by? (in German)
29. January 2015 CIO
How companies establish startup structures (in German)
29. January 2015
Startups meet Fashion (in german)
28. January 2015 Handelsblatt
Only the fastfood stand stays offline (in German)
15. January 2015 Handelsblatt
Praktiker’s Former CEO Becomes Digital Consultant (in German)
15. January 2015 Lebensmittel Zeitung
Kay Hafner in new position (in German)
15. January 2015 new business
Kay Hafner becomes partner of etventure (in German)
10. January 2015 Süddeutsche Zeitung
Bullseye! New technologies in the field of Employee Recruitment (in German)
09. January 2015 gründerszene.de
These Berlin people want to digitize a multi-billion dollar company (in German)
18. December 2014 deutsche-startups
etventure urges with FintechStars into the FinTech semgent (in German)
10. December 2014 deutsche-startups.de
These 12 startups are supported by EuropeanPioneers (in German)
09. December 2014 gründerszene.de
Three German startups recieve funding from EU Accelerator (in German)
03. December 2014 Handelsblatt
Discovering the digital world (in German)
25. November 2014 handelsjournal
Mobile application (in German)
24. November 2014 manager magazin
Made in Germany – Industry 4.0 (in German)
21. November 2014 Internet World Business
etventure starts School of Digital Business (in German)
20. November 2014 new business
etventure starts Berlin School of Digital Business
13. November 2014 deutsche-startups.de
5 new Start-ups MyBook, Tersee, Sanabest, Clarendo, Luckypetbox (in German)
03. November 2014 Wirtschaftswoche
MyBook: Book recommendations without algorithm (in German)
03. November 2014 WirtschaftsWoche
Founding startups with coaching and business assistance services (in German)
13. October 2014 Absatzwirtschaft
Sales Promotions often without promotion material (in German)
02. October 2014 Lebensmittel Zeitung
Promotion-Check per App (in German)
15. September 2014 new-business.de
Sven Bornemann new in the executive chair of etventure (in German)
08. September 2014 W&V
‘Wursteln im digitalen Raum’ (in German)
12. August 2014 VC-Magazin
Alexander Franke new CEO at etventure (in German)
30. July 2014 Wirtschaftszeitung
Application folder is out, now comes mobile recruiting for trainees (in German)
15. July 2014 PR Report
Niels Genzmer is Head of PR at etventure (in German)
15. July 2014 deutsche-startups.de
Entries and leavings at etventure, KissMyAds, artegic and Co. (in German)
14. July 2014 VC-Magazin
Laura Kohler is responsible for new EU Accelerator of etventure (in German)
27. June 2014 Lebensmittelzeitung
Mobile application – Edeka Süllau recruits via SMS (in German)
02. April 2014 LEAD DIGITAL
Continued growth – Mobile payment is a billion dollar market (Guest author Christian Lüdtke) (in German)