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Scaling & venture building of existing digital business at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

mechanical engineering / printing industry

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of sheet-fed offset printing presses, started its digital transformation with a new product line – with the aim of becoming a digital pioneer in the printing industry. Heidelberger finally succeeded in successfully testing, validating and scaling its digital business model – from selling printing equipment to digital services – with the support of etventure. Within only six months, Heidelberger was able to adapt its business model even better to market and customer needs, to market it optimally via digital channels and thus to win two major customers in just three months. Heidelberger is working with etventure on setting up a joint venture with the aim of further scaling and increasing sales.

Impact in figures

6 months for the optimization and implementation of the new digital business model

3 months for the acquisition of 2 major customers

Setup of a potential joint venture

Montserrat Peidro

Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Print Business Unit

etventure works with innovative methods and on performance KPIs which is very trustworthy, we always knew where we were. They go beyond the typical consultants and don’t charge you by hours. They are paid by the level of success which is a win-win-situation.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AGHeidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is a precision engineering company. With around 11,500 employees and sales of 2.4 billion Euro (as of 2018), it is the world’s leading manufacturer of sheet-fed offset presses.

Benefits for Heidelberger and his customers

Mockups - Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG
  • With the support of etventure Heidelberger has succeeded in a comprehensive transformation – away from a purely product-focused to a strongly customer-oriented company. And away from a traditional transaction-based business model to a successful digital product line.
  • By optimally adapting the new business model to the needs of the market and customers and expanding digital market access, Heidelberger was able to win new key accounts and increase its sales.
  • The identification of the customer and market needs, the validation of the business model and its scaling as well as the setup of a potential joint venture took place within a 3-phase model. The clear definition of KPIs ensured transparency and success of the project right from the start.

Phase 1

Montserrat Peidro, Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Print Business Unit

Market Analysis & Identification

  • Prospecting the market with a team of performance marketing, telesales and long-time engineers
  • discovering a special demand of social groups willing to pay for personalized consumer goods


  • Confirmation of the market demand for the value proposition of the product.
  • Proof that transactional sales aren’t the right business model

Phase 2

Montserrat Peidro, Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Print Business Unit

Testing and Validation

  • Testing and validating the new business model from transactional to digital services – from selling printing equipment to selling printed objects on line.


  • Creation of a production center
  • implementation of new digital features into the business model such as “look and feel of your object”, “print your unique design” etc.

Phase 3

Montserrat Peidro, Senior Vice President - Head of Digital Print Business Unit


  • First setup of a possible joint venture by defining its structure, entity and stakeholders, finding investors and getting customers sign for a certain level of production


  • Definition of a potential joint venture which would embody valuable assets of HDM, an investor and a startup team.

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