We establish cooperations between corporates and startups

We connect companies with startups and provide access to innovation ecosystems to effectively use synergies

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Brückenbauer zwischen Startup und Corporate

We build bridges between startups and corporates

We bring together the worlds of corporates and startups – leveraging our deep understanding of innovation.

Extensive startup network

Our startup network and personal contacts cover over 5,000 startups in Germany, Europe and beyond.

Validation of business models

Our interdisciplinary teams have many years of experience in the validation of business models and work closely with startups.

Our services

1. Access to our network and new technologies

Our ecosystem of over 5,000 startups, incubators, accelerators & partners enables us to connect the right people in the right place at the right time. Regardless of whether they are tech founders, investors, political decision makers, scientists or other influencers.

2. Corporate
meets startup

We enable established companies to master the challenges of digital transformation through startup scoutings and screenings. We guide the process, from the initial research into relevant startups and technologies to the validation of business models and the choice for further cooperation.

3. Long-term
Startup Cooperation

We build Startup Accelerator and Startup Incubator programs (such as the European Data Incubator). Our startup experts help corporate companies to create their own programs and enter into long-term startup cooperations.

We offer you

  • Startup know-how for your company
  • Business model expertise and validation of startups
  • Startup screening and scouting
  • Validation of startup ideas for VCs
  • Ecosystem building
  • Corporate Company Building

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