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We create digital units for corporates

We support our clients in setting up effective digital units within their organizations.

Digitale Lösungen

Building customized solutions for successful management in the digital age

Digitale Strukturen

Operating the new digital structure together with the clients if needed

Digitales Mindset

Training our clients’ staff regarding culture and „digital mindset“

An increasing number of companies across all industries are creating digital units in order to capitalize on the digitization of their markets. These units shall drive innovation and digital business in a protected area – independent of existing processes and attitudes to preserve the status quo.

etventure supports companies in finding, implementing and enabling the best solution for their organization. The digitization services we offer include a transformation of internal processes, external products and services as well as catalyzing a cultural change of the entire company.

The objective is to make the core business sustainable and to shape it for the digital future.

Our services

Results for your business

Corporate Units
  • Revenue growth through new digital business
  • Cost reduction and greater efficiency through new digital processes
  • Acquisition of new customer segments
  • Creation of a new culture that contributes to full organizational transformation
  • Preparation for fundamental changes caused by the digitization of society and the economy
  • Protection against disruptive business models by actively contributing to the digital future

Success story Klöckner & Co.

Klöckner & Co. Quote

The etventure team has gained a deep understanding of the needs of our customers and has extensive experience in digital transformation – ideal conditions to help us develop digital solutions in order to improve our customer service.

Gisbert Rühl, Chairman of the management board, Klöckner & Co.

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