We are a driving force for digitization at corporations and small & medium-sized enterprises

Our corporate innovation service portfolio – successful digital transformation

We help companies to successfully manage digital transformation and translate it into a success story. To do this, we not only make sure that the right strategy is used, we also ensure that the execution is quick, targeted and effective.

With all of these activities, the focus always remains on the user. Live on the market, we validate the things that fulfill real customer requirements – measured on the basis of clear KPIs – and we build on those findings.

Core topics

Digitales Neugeschäft für Unternehmen

New digital markets for corporations

We transfer our clients’ strengths into the digital era and develop new business models together (B2C & B2B). Every new business is developed strictly user centered, directly implemented and tested live on the market.

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Aufbau von Digital-Units zur Digitalisierung des Kerngeschäfts

Building Digital Units for the digitization of the core business

We build central Digital Units for our clients. The goal is to create a team that is able to react to changes in the fast paced digital era and to shape the future of their own core business sustainably.

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Aufbau von Acceleratoren für Unternehmen

Companies gain access to startups

Our global startup screening program allows us to offer businesses guidance, expert knowledge and support in relation to decision-making for the innovation process. We bring together companies and selected startups and, as part of our corporate startup pilot program, we help them to set up joint projects.

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Success stories

etventure has executed successful innovation projects with customers from an extremely broad range of sectors. For instance, we have set up new digital businesses and entire digital units for insurance company Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG and the steel trader Klöckner & Co. For more references, see our References page.

Additional services for companies

How we work

  • 100 % execution focused
  • Consistent client and user orientation
  • Data and fact-driven decisions
  • Fast results through lean innovation processes
  • Integration of success relevant mechanisms and value added models of the digital economy
  • Interdisciplinary teams with experts for Digital Business, Design Thinking, Product Management, IT, Marketing, Sales

What you can achieve with us

  • Sales increase through new digital business models
  • Cost reduction and maximized efficiency through digitization of business processes
  • Opening up new customer segments
  • Creating a new digital culture for entire company
  • Preparing for change by digitizing the company
  • Protection against disruptive business models through the active participation in the digital transformation

etventure business building process

Our battle-tested methodology ensures the success of your projects.

Understanding the customer needs

Verstehen der Kundenbedürfnisse

Identifying Your customer´s Pain Points

rapid prototyping of ideas

Schnelles Prototyping von Ideen

Testing Ideas and Selecting Winners

Building working solutions (MVP)

Building working solutions (MVP)

Develop and Test Minimum Viable Products

building Business based on real data

Geschäftsaufbau auf Basis realer Daten

Quick and KPI-based Market Rollout

Continuous user testing, validation & optimization

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