Dr. Dorothea von Wichert-Nick

Dorothea von Wichert-Nick is Managing Director of etventure and joined the company in 2017

Dr. Dorothea von Wichert-Nick

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Dorothea von Wichert-Nick joined etventure in January 2017 as the Managing Director of the Corporate Innovation GmbH.


As the CEO of the affilinet group Dorothea was mainly responsible of the first generation transformation of the online marketing company. She repositioned affilinet as an innovation an quality leader, established new business segments, and achieved a sustainable increase in revenue.

Solon Management Consulting

During 12 years Dorothea supported the development of Solon and its positioning as leading telecommunication and media company as well as private equity. As a managing director she has accompanied over 30 transactions, managed projects for digital transformation and developed innovative business models for industrial customers.

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