Christian van Alphen

Christian van Alphen is part of etventure since 2015.

Christian van Alphen

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As the spokesman for the etventure group, Christian van Alphen pools the communication of etventure’s core business areas.

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Prior to joining etventure, Christian has already gained more than ten years of experience in various positions as communications specialist for established companies and particularly also for startups. These included the etventure startups 360report, POSpulse, and mobileJob.

Wilde & Partner Public Relations GmbH

Christian van Alphen worked as a senior PR consultant in the area of strategical customer consultancy of enterprises and startups. Besides having co-initiated the establishment of the digital and social media agency team, he was also awarded the prestigious PR Report Award in 2012 for his PR campaign for Wimdu, the German equivalent to Airbnb. 

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Christian van Alphen
Christian van Alphen
Christian van Alphen

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