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Our approach

Our key competence is to identify, prototype and test innovative business ideas in the online and mobile space. For each successfully tested model, we launch a new venture – either as an independent startup or by creating new businesses within an existing company.

For companies, we turn innovation strategies into profitable new business. We take on responsibility for long-term business success, as we will measure and tie our compensation to future market results.

For investors, we offer a new way to invest in early stages. They have the choice to either invest portfolio-based into a bundle of new ideas or to directly invest into products that have been validated through real-world market tests.

Our team is equipped with all necessary competences needed for our innovation process: creativity, product development, design, marketing and sales, and an entrepreneurial startup mentality.



We do customer-centered business development. We identify, develop and test innovative new businesses along the real needs and pain points of our target groups.




We have already developed a number of new businesses and launched them on the market, among them independent startups as well as ventures within existing companies.




Our team brings along a wide range of skills: product management, design, IT development, marketing, testing, and an entrepreneurial mentality.



Jobs & Career

Do you enjoy creative and challenging tasks? Do you want to become part of a team which sets high standards and enjoys working at the same time? Then contact us!



Niels Genzmer is Head of PR at etventure

Niels Genzmer supports the etventure team as Head of PR. His goal is to increase the publicity of the startup-builder etventure and its' field of activities.

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New company founded in the area of education

In the mid of June the Addisco GmbH was founded, a new startup in the area of education. Under the Addisco GmbH the innovative student orientation platform CampusScout is online already.

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The munich team moved to Nymphenburger Höfe

The etventure team is growing fast. Therefore the munich team is happy to take the next step moving to a new office at Nymphenburger Höfe in the heart of munich.

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Review of the etventure startup tour

For the first time, etventure hosted a roadshow to present etventure itself and six of the etventure startups to selected investors and to give an overview of their business models.

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